What Makes The Pen Write Such Beautiful Stuffs About Love?It Is The Absence Of A CharacterIt Is The Threading Of EmotionsAnd Years Passing ByAll Fading As SnowsBefore The Hard Palms Of The Sun



If tonight I laid me down I shall open my eyes On the other side Smiling with the confidence That i was Part of something meaningful   If tonight I laid my eyes to rest Only to pen it tomorrow On the other side I shall hear the echoes of my story Ringing loud beyond [...]

Trying To Break Me Will Only Leave You In Ruins

You didn’t know that my mind was already a mess and it didn’t have room for your words, and your opinions didn’t occupy any space. You didn’t know that my heart was already crumbled and it didn’t really feel a thing when you tried to smash it. You didn’t know that my body was already [...]

I Love You But I Hate You

There's always a moment when you wanna let go of that which makes you sad but you just can't because it is the only thing that has ever made you happy. A moment when you so much wanna let go of the memories but you just can't as each effort you put brings tears to [...]

UnEnding Pain

This sadness consumes me. My brain reels. The room tilts. The pain shoots thru me. Wish it was a bullet. You're so strong they say. If they only knew the truth. Look into my eyes. They are empty. My heart is blackened. My soul has left me. And my body lingers crippled and torn. I [...]

As We Kiss Goodbye

May you find someone Who will turn your life's drop of water Into an ocean of happiness, May you find someone Who will mean everything to you And nothing else would matter. May you find someone Who knows how you smile even When you cry or sleep. May you find someone Who will kiss your [...]