What Makes The Pen Write Such Beautiful Stuffs About Love?It Is The Absence Of A CharacterIt Is The Threading Of EmotionsAnd Years Passing ByAll Fading As SnowsBefore The Hard Palms Of The Sun



WHEN LOVE WAS EASY I miss when love was easier. When love wasn’t so cautious. When love was just a simple answer. I miss when love was a constant honeymoon, a constant forever. Maybe this kind of love is too simple to be considered ‘real’ love. But it was to us. It was to him [...]


Relationships require a lot from you. It is bounded with time, effort, and affection. Both of you should give your best shot to make everything work out. You should not be alone in the battle arena. He should be your strength, your foundation. You should be his gem, his masterpiece. If he really loves you, [...]

The Dew

Just as the dew brightens the flowers So does your smile lighten my soul Just as the flowers wait upon the morning dew to add beauty to their petals So does my soul wait upon your smile to add flavor to my dimples My life prayer is not to live long But it is to [...]

Best Romantic Messages For Your Lover

The night is absolutely the best time to update your love ones of how special they are to you whether they be close or far for night is the time when all the activities of the day gets replayed in our heads but no matter how the day seemed to be, it is our responsibility [...]

Lovely Quotes For When You Miss Your Boo

Missing someone can be SO hard. Missing someone — and I mean really, really missing someone — is one of the worst feelings. That person could be gone for one day or a few weeks and it can still feel like an eternity. And let me tell you, when you start to miss someone as soon as [...]