There will moments which will make you weakPeople around who will not let you speakBundles of emotions which you will have to hide awaySometimes you follow orders And do what others say.As life goes onTimes will get tough,With each step forwardPaths will get roughIt's not a cakewalk,his journey called life.To live every momentYou will have [...]



And in the book of my life God gave me a chapter called "Bestie" And there i met you You gave me something no one else can A care, attachment And obviously love I don't know about my future But in my present you're my lifeline One without end But even if in the future [...]


Only if you know how I desire you How my heart wants nothing but you Only if you know what I would give to make you mine I swear you won’t waste more time.   Only if you know the ocean that flows within me Whenever I hear you call How I wish you could [...]

Faces Of Love

Yes, i am known to you by many names I am within you yet without You call me your personal poet The one who voices your thought Because i whispered your thoughts to your ears And made you feel special When i said you’re "Mine. When you hurt yourself I bled When you fought yourself [...]

I Never Knew

I don't remember what the scar on her face looks like But I remember what holding he hand feels like... Does that count?   I don't remember how she liked her morning tea But I remember how it feels like to wake up next to her Does that count?   I don't remember what her [...]