New Year

We all looked forward to the new year and here it is b it then it is important that we know that we can not live this year as we lived the past year. We've had, challenges, obstacles and limitations but the thing is, have we learnt from them or we are waiting to make [...]


God’s Love

This is a collaboration I did with Gings last year. Please enjoy it. I lay awake thinking about that time Those times when I felt alone When all my confidants were no more When all I see is a bleak future ahead And no hope for me anymore I remember living like a ghost A [...]

Official Apology

This is to formally apologize to the blog, the writers and the awesome readers and followers that I'm sorry for staying too long without permission. By the special grace of God I'm back and I promise to be good this year. Thanks for your consistency, your comments and love for the blog. Do have a [...]


The most tragic Yet the purest of all The love of the sun and the moon Loyal as you would ever dream But destined to never meet eye to eye. No rosy or warmly wishes No cuddles or morning pecks No romantic walks or talks Yet never misses to meet When the time comes When [...]


Love is beautiful;Like a moon and star lit sky.Relationships too.Love is reciprocalAnd so will yours be.Love is a fairytale;Always with a happy ending.Love does shine;More pure than the orange sun.And love is preciousLike the purest of gemstones, But, Love's not a smooth ride;It Contains thrilling ups and downs,Love endures painMuch more than the sea,Love makes [...]


It matters not so much what you do but that you do something with the entirety of yourself, that you pour passion and compassion into the earth. That, I believe, is the core of our existence.


You would never know it,The constant pain I feel,Because in the light of dayIt almost isn't real. Sure, I'll play, I'll laugh,I'll write some poemsBut that pain is always lurkingBecause it's been here all along, And when the darkness comeswith its all-consuming power,It slowly takes my soulHour by dreadful hour. But they tell me that [...]


Thinking about all we have Been through, All the laughs, All the tears, All the fights, And yet somehow, someway We are still TOGETHERWe are still IN LOVE And now we are Fighting to keep what we have Crying to keep what we had Laughing at how dumb we have been Now knowing that NOTHINGCan separate us No matter what happens We will always have each other.


Every poem has a voiceSome roar at you from the pagesSome whisper to you amid the linesOf your notebookSome have voices that are hoarseYet imbibed with the wisdom of the agesAnd some have voices that singEach time it is read outEvery poem has a voiceBut can only be heardWith your heart


Verse: I remember grandma, she used to bounce me on her kneeShe would always be there, is what she said to meThat kiss I gave her, as i walked out the doorWas the last time I saw grandma, she’s not with me anymore Chorus: I don’t want to kiss goodbyeI just want you to stayI [...]