Leaving home for college is probably one of the most exciting phases in your life. It is the perfect time to meet new friends; a chance to try things you were not allowed to do in high school; and explore all other stuff you have not known before. You are so thrilled to begin a [...]


How To Build A Successful Home Business

Looking back on many unsuccessful attempts at home business, i wish i had received guidance from someone who had already been down the road i wanted to travel. i had so many failures that i started to doubt that success in a home business would ever become a reality for me. Thankfully, i didn't give [...]

Never Let Them Define Success For You

What we want and what we need rarely seem to match. When my own attitudes toward success and wealth, and how I chose to define them changed, I noticed that finally these two slowly began to align. And now I feel as though I can be proud of my personal belief of what their meanings [...]


Tears fell down my face as I read the words I had written. If you ask me now, I can’t even remember why I felt so desperate and tormented


Hear my cry Feel my pains Feel my tears Tell me that truth Never comfort me with a lie Nothing is hidden under the sun If you think you are smarter with lies One day it will reveal itself Living a life of truth Is the best way to achieve something You will feel comfortable [...]

Collaboration Of Poems For Women Who Think They Have Lost It All

I Am A Woman I am a woman so I must flit the line between delicate Empowered like a flower turned to the sun But plucked from the earth I am supposed to be beautiful but dependent Strong but needy. I am supposed to be the stem severed from its roots to be placed in [...]

The Best Of Your Kind

Trying to be the same As every other girl Is a complete waste of your time. It takes hold of you like a parasite And you no longer have control of your mind. You run to your reflection Each and every day, To ask how you can become like one of them. But the angels [...]

Understand Your Worth

Please remember that no matter what you've been through, what other people may have said to you, or what manner of thoughts you hold about yourself; regardless of all that, there are some truths that remain eternally unchanged. 1. You are loved and lovable. 2. You're value and worth are immeasurable and unlimited. 3. You [...]

If I Don’t Make This Money

Money answereth all things thus said the holy book. Ask of me the riches of the heathen and I will give it to you as an inheritance thus said the Almighty. Go into the world and possess all thus said the holy book. Occupy till i come thus said our Savior Jesus Christ All these [...]