Is this the last time I'll hear you say my name? No.. maybe your grave will whisper it to me someday I can write you an eulogy But it will only contain your unfulfilled dreams I won't bring you roses or lillies Because flowers are given only to the dead. I see you Realities be [...]



I hope one day When like a breeze My thought flows past your mind I hope you smile And not cry   I hope one day When like a flower I spring forth out of your desert I hope you smile And not cry   I hope one day When you look Adrain in the [...]

UnEnding Pain

This sadness consumes me. My brain reels. The room tilts. The pain shoots thru me. Wish it was a bullet. You're so strong they say. If they only knew the truth. Look into my eyes. They are empty. My heart is blackened. My soul has left me. And my body lingers crippled and torn. I [...]


Chapter 36«Zainab and Muhib's POV» Zainab's POV ******************* "Assalam alaykum, am home," I sang out as I entered the living room. I placed my car keys on a table and removed my white hijab. The house looked quiet. Where's Barakat? I wondered. "Barakat! Barakat!" I called out but no answer came forth. Muhib is out [...]

FIFA World Cup And The Rebirth Of Racism

After critically analysing the on going FIFA World Cup, the discriminatory attitudes of the Referees and the VAR towards the African and Black Nations, I couldn't come to any conclusion but that FIFA World Cup is a Rebirth of Racism . Now my question to the world and especially to football governing body FIFA, what [...]

The Reason I Left Us

Before I begin, please know that I am aware that I could never understand what you went through and continue to go through. I will never know “how it feels to be an amputee”. I just want you to understand what I went through. I want to tell you: It didn’t matter. It didn’t matter [...]

Letter I Will Never Get To Send

Hi That’s how you started text conversations with me after we broke up. As if you were casually greeting an old friend, not the guy you said you wanted to marry two weeks before deciding to rip his heart apart. Deep down, I always knew that we weren’t right for each other. Being in a [...]


≈Eighteen≈ Khadijah and I had to travel on a Non-stop flight from Cairo International Airport to Lagos, Nigeria, for six hours. After that we took another flight from Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, to Sadiq Abubakar III International Airport. The flight lasted for one hour and twenty-six minutes. To say I was tired was the [...]