Is this the last time I'll hear you say my name? No.. maybe your grave will whisper it to me someday I can write you an eulogy But it will only contain your unfulfilled dreams I won't bring you roses or lillies Because flowers are given only to the dead. I see you Realities be [...]


Pains of losing a loved one

My eyes filled up with tears as I heard the news. It never occurred to me how much I could lose. I find myself wishing that it wasn't real. Every time I think about it, pain is all I can feel. Tears fall from my eyes; I can barely see, But my heart tells me [...]


Dear Grandma School life is rough. Do you know it rains every night on pillows when I resign from the world. When I come to the room and I'm left with silence, I stare at the walls blantly and that is when I miss you the most. When I graduate from college, I want to [...]


Dear Old Friends, It’s been awhile since we last talked, hasn’t it? I guess that falls under the both of us, not just one. But then again, I guess it’s okay that we haven’t spoken in so long. We ended our friendship, after all. Well, for some of you, we didn’t just end our friendship. [...]


Verse: I remember grandma, she used to bounce me on her kneeShe would always be there, is what she said to meThat kiss I gave her, as i walked out the doorWas the last time I saw grandma, she’s not with me anymore Chorus: I don’t want to kiss goodbyeI just want you to stayI [...]


≈Twenty-Five≈ Tomi led me into the large room. Madam Cherry was waiting impatiently for us at the bar. She marched up to us. "How long does it take you to dress her?" she sneered. "I-I a-am so-sorry, Madam," Tomi stuttered. I gulped. The look on Madam's face could make one urinate in his pants. "I [...]