You are a Godsent handkerchief for someone

You are more of a blessing to the faces u put beautiful smiles on,the mouth that speak courageously and happy knowing that YOU exist on this Earth,the heart that feels highly loved and unworried because of u....have u ever thought of this......we always pray to God to locate us with our destiny helpers, don't know [...]


Ponder note

Don't think of failure because failure is not thinking of you.the idea of failure is found in the dictionary of losers who have decided to be fail when your mind perceives and welcomes failure...In life,there are two categories of people:the BEST of them and the REST of them and your belonging to one depends [...]

Recipes for your thought

Your moves and behavior is as a result of what ur mind and environment gave birth to.....the mentality of a man either makes him or mares him. Your tomorrow can either be better or worst if you obey or neglect the do's and Don'ts of that future u visualize. You don't let others decide who [...]