I Wish

I wish life could be better I wish that I could be happy I wish I could be strong But then happiness could be a façade I wish that I could find love Or love could find me I wish that I could no longer make decisions But then I am forced to I wish, [...]


Scarred Love

The day I met you I realized my connection with you was deep and strong. Yet I was so afraid of losing you. I was scared that if I got too close to you I'd lose you. I wanted to make you a priority in my life. That's why I distanced myself. Six years and [...]

Official Apology

This is to formally apologize to the blog, the writers and the awesome readers and followers that I'm sorry for staying too long without permission. By the special grace of God I'm back and I promise to be good this year. Thanks for your consistency, your comments and love for the blog. Do have a [...]

My Confession

As I stood in front I contemplated whether it’s relevant Like a sinner before a priest With my two hands clenched tightly My brows knitted in worry And my legs shaking nervously Like a priest he waited My bundle of nerves a surprise I’m outspoken after all With shaky confidence I looked down at my [...]

Before The Soil Dries

Oba looked through his window as the burial procession slowly moved on to the oro forest, he wandered a bit to the past when he and his late wife, the olori would laugh and talk till the dead of the night, he could remember her smiling face and her silky voice, her succulent laps which [...]


  It was just like yesterday When I was wallowing in tears Silently suffering without informing anyone But then you came along and picked me up You taught me what love is once again coz I’ve forgotten You took time to love me and clothed me with your glory You were not once ashamed to [...]


Choice I can't remember the last time I seem to forget the last moments When my heart stopped beating that I began to drift, I made walls so high I wrapped my heart in a shell Stick And stones may break my bones after all But then love unrequited will break my heart So when [...]