My Ship

I am nothing but a drowned soul. River of indifference and impatient flowed through my cabin leaving behind lilies of jealousy to grow in it. I was overtaken by pirate ship filled with envy and mood swings. I had no rescue team to save me from this tempest now my ship has wrecked with no [...]



How can i pick up my shattered heart?. Am helpless. Its claws sharper than blade. It pierces through every cell in my body. Its more poisonous than a snake. Its venom overshadows every atom of joy in my soul. Its fierce than a tiger. Quick to attack and devour my happiness.  Its teeth sucks through [...]

Advice On Relationships 

Someone asked me,  "how can i build a strong relationship?"    You see relationships today don't last long because of poor or false foundation.  I tell people the fate of your relationship is embedded with/by how you lay its foundation.  You see guys today wanting to woo a lady and they feel because the lady [...]

Christmas In Africa 

In the cool wind of harmattan Lies the true colors of our skin The lines on our lips keeps us smiling As our hair keeps standing.  Christmas in Africa is fun Our mothers make it a culture to prepare for it Surrounded by happiness and love  She sings the song of christmas daily  Cleaning and [...]

What causes cheating in a relationship? 

This was the question asked by a friend of mine some days ago. I thought very well and i decided to say the things that i feel causes cheating in a relationship Generally cheating doesn't just become a part of lovers except if the spark that once existed in the relationship has died down and [...]