I have always marveled at the beauty of fire. The way things radiate when burning. The movement of the flames always look beautiful. Fire is sexy and I derive pleasure in watching things burn. The smooth way in which the flames engulf objects is amazing and fire never burns the same. Fire is beautiful, unpredictable [...]



Every human is unique Different in their own way Some male are attracted to physique When I'd rather look the other way. Ọmọge dúdú, my black maiden Arẹwà obìnrin, beautiful damsel Not so much enticed my your beauty As I am by your intelligence. Sapiosexual, is what they call it My everything, is what I [...]


This is the only home I ever knew. I've been swimming in this murky river for as long as I can remember. This aqueous environment have been my home for 2 weeks, which coincides with my age. I live in this river with my brothers who also happen to be the only living creatures here. [...]

The Special One.

Like Jose Mourinho You're The Special One. Unlike Mourinho, You've never let me down. Like Romelu Lukaku, You're heavy in my heart. Unlike Lukaku. Your shots always find their target, My heart! Like Juan Mata You're the "Juan" The one that matters! Unlike Mata, You can never be benched. Like David De Gea, You're the [...]


She woke up feeling dizzy. Looking down, she saw a knife buried deep in her chest. Her roommate was lying beside her smiling. "You shouldn't have laughed at his jokes, everything of his belongs to me. Even his jokes" her roommate told her. And that was the last thing she heard before falling unconscious. THE [...]

Ying Won’t Yang

I feel like you're my world And I know you love me more You are my everything And without me, you are nothing. You understand me completely As much as Newton understood gravity You make me feel whole Like the last piece of a puzzle. You feel me with joy. Your touch is the definition [...]

Stranger In The Night

Half moon lurking in the sky But still dark, That I can't see your eyes. But I heard your voice. "Good evening" she said And that got me high Ebony beauty clad in black Still can't see your face But I heard your voice. I fell totally for you Still can't see in the dark. [...]