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You are awesome to me, cos you made up your mind to know about me. Now, Let me introduce this blog to you.

This Blog Soulwrite Empire’s Blog deals with all kinds of imaginative and creative writings, photography and everything that will get you inspired into impacting and changing your world

Okay, it’s me Agina Onyebuchi Gideon the founder and the brain behind this great blog, I’m currently doing my degree program but plans are already on ground to become a full- time blogger once am out of school


I have been using Google search, more than anyone in my friends circle and I used to get amused – How this vast content all over the web is created?

Later I realized that it is writers like me who create content day and night. Without these content creators, Google would be nothing so I decided to become a blogger and enhance my online presence. As I am a bit good at explanation and dumbing down the complex stuff, I thought blogging would be the best choice for me.


I started blogging on Google Blogger platform, later I shifted to WordPress. In the beginning, I used to write blog posts just the way i felt them without thinking of anything about editing them because to edit them means to remove part of my ideas out of the post. I was a multi-niche blogger who used to blog about poetry in a single blog, hoping to turn my blog to single-authored Wikipedia!

I actually started this blog after 2 failed attempts of creating a successful blog and later on October 21st of 2016, I started my blog – SOULWRITE EMPIRE’S BLOG   (A conglomerate of writers from all over the world) and it quickly turned to be one of the best creative writing blogs in the world within 3 years.

I did Diploma in Law and currently doing my degree in Linguistics Studies and by God’s grace will be rounding up this time next year.


I’m always eager to learn about Poetry and increasing the range of my imagination, social psychology, and bit more into conspiracy stuff. I truly believe in the God. I’m a sad soul turned happy soul.

I hit the gym 5 days a week. I’m addicted to workouts. The workout time is a much needed break for me to take care of my body and mind.

Update: I’m bigger than that featured pic now 🙂

Apart from this I also love to swim.

I love Eminem. 80% of my playlist contains Eminem songs.


As of now I’m focusing on graduating from the University with a good result that will make my parents proud and also building my personal brand. I’m becoming serious about SOULWRITE EMPIRE.

I’m rapidly outsourcing my writing and looking forward to focus on this blog, personal branding, for growing my booming training career even more.

I hope you gained an insightful view of my blogging career. I hope this much is enough for you to get an idea about me.

You can contact me at my personal email at aginagideon@gmail.com or mobile number +2348174050526


25 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Hi Gideon….long time.. in fact..
    Wow! It’s been ages…Now how did that happen friend.. its been long since i saw u in my blog too. How did those exams go? This month u shld be finishing your degree, right?
    Hope u r doing good.
    The purpose behind this blog has started interested me…and I wish you all the best my friend…. 😌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey!! Dearest best friend, so sorry I haven’t been online since after my exams, my mobile phone got stolen so I can’t access the blog or internet unless I subscribe my laptop. I would have gotten another phone but things came up that got me into financial instability… I have missed you a lot… I’m using a friend’s phone for now

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh Gideon…..I am so sorry to hear this …please don’t loose heart over this….a mobile is after all a materialistic thing. ..when things work out fine for you …you can buy a new one…God will provide for his people …so don’t worry at all. It’s so sweet of your friend to lend his phone to you to check out your online accts…Take care friend.. .
        How did your exams go?
        Please keep in touch friend.. .


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