GOD OWNS EVERYTHING, therefore 100% of everything belongs to God! So If everything belongs to God, why does He want you to put away 10%? Because it’s not about the money, it’s about your ability to put it aside. Your will, your control, your discipline to put it aside! He’s after your DISCIPLINE!
If you can manage the 10% properly, then He is happy to trust you with the 90% that’s left! But because you’ve been unfaithful in the 10%, you keep losing the 90%, so we end up with NO %! That’s why you are broke!!!


One thought on “WHY ARE YOU BROKE?

  1. Love this. And it’s true. I put 10% of everything away, even if that’s only 4$. Savings build up, and create a feeling of stability within yourself, so that no matter where your budgeting account stands… you still can feel secure. And you find that things either wait and eventually get paid or aren’t as necessary as you thought they were, so you don’t lose any money by saving at least 10% of what you make.


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