Is this the last time I’ll hear you say my name?
No.. maybe your grave will whisper it to me someday

I can write you an eulogy
But it will only contain your unfulfilled dreams
I won’t bring you roses or lillies
Because flowers are given only to the dead.

I see you
Realities be damned
Hallucinations i can’t help but embrace
I wish i can feel you in my bones
But i can’t have another skeleton living in my flesh.

I will visit the cemetery
I will always pay a visit
But i will never wear black
Yes i will weep until your titanic sinks into my ocean
Until your soul drowns into my oblivion
And when my blood gets to its boiling point
I will avenge your blood

Take back your secrets
For they’re actually worth it
And i hate you took mine to the grave safely without a split.

I’m selfish
I won’t cause excruciating pains to my skin
I will not say farewell
Even though you insisted
Because you my friend
Haven’t said your own side of pleasantries.

You too were selfish
Because you perished into the soil
And degraded to the ends of the trees
You made me a maniac
And left me when i needed a friend
And a brother.

You left me hanging
Make me wanting to miss you
I’m silent into a cold silence
Cause you hurt me
You ceasing your breathe hurts me
Your funeral hurt me
Your lifeless eyes hurt me
You being gone sucks for me
You demise hurts me.

No this ain’t goodbye
You lost your grip
And i will push on for us
Yes i will get us there
A place where you’ve always dreamt
The success top

Yes,you lost your grip
Mine is still intact
You have debts to pay
And i will meet you at the end
So rest until i come
A brother i never met.


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