A lot of christains takes delight in hearing or seeing the fall of other believers, they look for what they are are or not doing rightly, they use the scriptures to argue what they believe in or not believe in forgetting the primary aim , God didn’t get us save to argue the Bible but to be lead by it , neither did he get us saved to correct his ministers by pointing out their errors. He did get us saved so we can be friends with Him just as it was from the beginning and also to win more souls into his kingdom…One reason he sent us the Holy spirit was to help bring to our understanding His deep secret mystery and those mystery are what people take delight in arguing instead of allowing the Holy spirit deal with them on it..
The devil was referred to as subtle being because he know how to shift the attention of people without them even being aware of it “he first did it in The garden at Eden”
So let’s focus more on the primary aim which is the great commission and stop being a church critics and stop this doctrinal fight among believers..God takes delight in seeing souls saved, why not use the resources you use to critize churches and ministers to win souls. their are those Who don’t even know God or have heard about the gospel..they are a lot of people close to you who have not even experience the love of God…. Don’t join side to fight the church but rather defend the church because when you criticize ministers you are indirectly fighting against the gospel… The desire of God is that the world will be greatly influenced by the Gospel through Us…leave the job for God to address those who dilute the gospel because if you carefully read the bible you would find out that God deals with ministers who takes souls for granted or led them astray.. So you are indirectly joining sides with the devil when you critize churches and ministers… Understand that the reason they are many churches is not because the church is divided its because they are different variety of People in the world, God creates us that way because God loves variety’s… And this is a great tool in our hands , Remember the devil is only empowered by the ignorance of men and by the power you give him.
#DontArgueThe Bible_PreachTheBible


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