Sometimes we try, we try so hard not to think about it, about them, those things, those emotions, those feelings that threaten to put us under, we try so hard to ignore them or push them aside but then they keep coming back, secretly pulgeg down our walls.

They are beautiful that’s all they say and we do not dispute it either but then we try so hard not to give in because of several reasons we say we have. Then it hits us right in the face. We find out that no matter how bad we try to keep these feelings under check, they still manage to destroy our walls but then we get scared of these overwhelming feelings and run.

The fear is not because we do not want to feel, it is because we do not want to go through the same lane, the cold path of heartbreak and pain. So sometimes we shy away from them, maybe if they are ignored then they will go away.

But I’ve come to realize that we learn to trust, trust our heart, trust the other person that they will not make us go down the dark path, trust that they are the one and they can make us happy, the Prince Charming or Cinderella we’ve always been waiting for. Trust that we can finally have the happiness we’ve always wanted. So we learn to stop being scared and learn to love and be loved. Sometimes it feels so hard but then maybe all that is needed is to let go of fear and embrace faith. A new feeling better than fear though.

The past should remain in the past and moving on should be the best option. Allowing ourselves to feel once again and pull down walls and barriers. Maybe even get overwhelmed a little bit. And experience the beauty, the one we’ve always wanted.



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