Ponder note

Inspirational quotes with imagesDon’t think of failure because failure is not thinking of you.the idea of failure is found in the dictionary of losers who have decided to be quitters…you fail when your mind perceives and welcomes failure…In life,there are two categories of people:the BEST of them and the REST of them and your belonging to one depends on your decision….

To deal with and overcome today’s challenges,you need today’s oil and for every appointment,an ointment is required… limitations to your goals are imminent,but that shouldn’t change your mindset from the success-oriented thought, because VISION keeps you going….you can’t succeed on your own without Christ and the right company surrounding your environment and thought……

A life not being appreciated is as a result of the absence of Christ Jesus (result),because a life without result attracts insult and thereby devoid if appreciation….

Unavoidably,trust yourself because you know more than you think you do because there’s no limit to what you can achieve…….


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