New Dawn

She whimpered in a corner
Her face bruised, her body swollen
He was at it again
Oko iyawo!

She got up very slowly
Her bones aching all over
The food has to be prepared
Or he gets angry
Oko iyawo!

Broken, shattered, scarred
Her new names,
The ones she was christened by him
Oko iyawo!
He has all the authority after all.

She often dream
Dreams of a new future
Dreams of a new dawn
Where she will be able to roam freely
And savour freedom like air.

But even as she finally took her last breath
The one taken away by him
Oko iyawo!
After the new identity he bestowed on her
She realized the truth
That maybe if she had chased freedom harder
She would have fulfilled her dreams
The dreams of a new dawn.

***Oko iyawo means husband in Yoruba.



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