Chapter 42«MustaphaKhan and Sideeqah’s POV»

Mustapha Khan’s POV

“Sideeqah get out! Guards! Don’t you dare lay a finger on me,” I bellowed in blinding rage.

Sideeqah had come to pay my son a visit, begging that I let her see him. No way am I doing that. When he needed his mother, she wasn’t there for him. When I needed her, she wasn’t there for us. I am never letting her into our lives again. Never!

“Mustapha, I beg of you, please let me see my son. Please, I beg of you. Just this once and I promise not to bother you again, please, Mustapha, please,” she wept and fell to the ground.

My heart yearned for her. My heart wanted me to pick her up, hold her in my arms and wipe her tears. On the other hand, my mind commanded me to stay put and not listen to her crocodile tears. It reminded me of how she left us, of all the pains I went through because of her negligence.

“Look, stop all these noise you’re making. Don’t wake up my son. Just get up and leave peacefully. Leave!” I yelled at her and grabbed her arm.

“Mustapha, please, don’t do this to me. Allow me to see my son,” she cried.

“Guards! Guards!” I thundered. Where the hell are these crazy people when you need them.

Three of the guards came running towards us.

“Show her out of this house and don’t let her step into this house again or you will all lose your jobs. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir!” they chorused and tried to take Sideeqah away but she refused them.

Stubborn annoying woman!

“Let me go! Don’t you dare lay your filthy fingers on me. Don’t!” she struggled with them.

“Ma’am, pls, this way,” they ordered her.

“Respect yourself!” she snapped, “I know my way out. I will leave but I shall be back. Mustapha, you can’t stop me from seeing my son! I will see him! I will have him even if I have to fight you in court. Just you wait and see!”

“Well, bring it on!” I yelled.

No way am I letting her take my son from me. Never! I watched as she walked out through the front door, my heart screaming for me to stop her and my mind telling me to let her leave. It was really confusing.

Sideeqah’s POV

“My son! My son! My son!” I sobbed quietly inside my car.

Oh! I wish I never left them. My life has turned upside down since I left them for a stupid career. What have I done to myself? My life is in shambles already. Muhib doesn’t want me neither does Mustapha. No body wants me.

It’s never too late. A voice in my head told me.
You can still set things right. Ask for their forgiveness. Mustapha will still take you back. He is still madly in love with you. He is just angry with you. Forget about Muhib. He is happily married and is never coming back to you. Go back to Mustapha and your son.

No! No! No! Don’t even think about it! Go to who? Mustapha? Ha ha ha! He doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t want you to see your son. Remember he threw you out of his house. He embarrassed you in front of those guards. He wants to take your son away from you. Why don’t you go back to Muhib. I think it’s time you executed your little plan.
Another voice told me.

That was the voice I listened to. I smirked evilly. They won’t know what hit them. Zainab will regret ever stealing Muhib from me and Muhib will regret ever leaving me for that worthless piece of trash.

Mustapha Khan’s POV

“Farouk, wake up,” I tapped my son gently.

“Ummmm, Daddy.” Farouk replied sleepily.

“Son, wake up. Let’s go to the mosque after which we will go out to eat dinner,” I whispered into his ears, knowing he would get up immediately.

“Yes, yes, let’s go,” he got up and started jumping on his bed excitedly.

“Calm down. Let us get you cleaned up first and ready to go.”

I carried him gently and went into his bathroom.

“Will you get me Ice cream too?” he questioned.

“Not today. Too much sweet things isn’t good for your teeth,” I pinched his cheek and he immediately started laughing.

My wonderful son.


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