God’s Love

This is a collaboration I did with Gings last year. Please enjoy it.

I lay awake thinking about that time
Those times when I felt alone
When all my confidants were no more
When all I see is a bleak future ahead
And no hope for me anymore
I remember living like a ghost
A living ghost they call it
Living through life with agony
Crying silently while people around thought I was fine
But then I lived in unimaginable pain with no one to tell

It was just a day though
A normal day
But that was all it took for him
He came when I thought I had no one
And showered me with so much love
He became my friend, my confidant
He wiped my tears and replaced it with untold joy
Even when I thought I’ve lost everything
I realized with him I’ve gained everything
I got chance to experience my first love
…God’s love for me
He was there even when I had no one
My first love.
Why he loves me so
I still do not know
And even though i’m not worthy
He still call me friend

His love i don’t deserve
But without criteria he’s so generous
O love that mends the broken hearted
O God, the giver of love

The more i stray away
The more he search for me
The more i rebel
The more his love for me

I have searched for love
But where it was least expected
Thus coming back disappointed always
But at last i gave in to his love
Now I know he really cares.




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