Love is beautiful;
Like a moon and star lit sky.
Relationships too.
Love is reciprocal
And so will yours be.
Love is a fairytale;
Always with a happy ending.
Love does shine;
More pure than the orange sun.
And love is precious
Like the purest of gemstones,


Love’s not a smooth ride;
It Contains thrilling ups and downs,
Love endures pain
Much more than the sea,
Love makes defenseless
The strongest of animals,
Love can cut through
Even a heart of diamond,
Love can burn so hot
it may feel like hell,
And sometimes love breaks hearts
To an unfixable end.

Yet Love is the most fulfilling feeling
You’d ever come across,
And in its make; yes, love tests
And sometimes tempts then flies,
But in the end if your Love could be
Forgiving, patient and trusting;
It’d all be worth your while.


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