Episode 13
At the grandma house at her bedroom
Grandma: so what the gods are telling that my Tony is in another world how come and how did he get here (she became worried) and they can not see him if he is still alive or dead she became lost in thought
She fell asleep
************* at the pilot house he was at the sitting room moving to and fro like someone his wife is in labour his wife came to him
Lisa: honey come and sleep you have been thinking since you heard that Tony is missing
Pilot: how can I sleep when I am thinking about him the boy has gone though a lot
Lisa: yes I know but you need to put everything in the Lord hand let God fight for him
Pilot: yes true talk but I wonder if he is not dead or eaten by a wild breast
Lisa: don’t think like that always think positive and go for negative
Pilot: okay I will sleep
Lisa: okay it is 2: 30 AM you should sleep you know that you are going to work tomorrow
Pilot: okay
Lisa: let us go to bed together since you can’t sleep let me help out
They went to the bedroom
**** Tony in this room laying down on the mat and he begin to think of how will tomorrow training be like but he called by a man to join the family in eating dinner and followed the man and he was served by a maid and he begin to eat slowly with chop sticks and he begins to wonder he will live in this for good fifteen years and he became weary of been alone and he finish eating and he thank the old man and he went to room to sleep on his way to his bedroom he saw a young girl of his age and he begins to asking the questions
Tony: hello can I talk to you for a minute
Boy: yes you can
Tony: please how was your first day of training
Boy: it was really tough but It makes you stronger
Tony: okay thank you very much I need to rest so that I can gather energy for the training and what is your name
Boy: called me cara
Tony: I am Tony please can you be my friend
Cara: yes I can
Tony: goodbye
He wave gin and he went to room to sleep where he had the same dream of his parent telling him not to worry and always be a good boy.
*************later in the night they begins to hear a loud roar of a bear and the cops got awake when they saw a huge bear running towards them and they begin to shoot the bear and bullet did not penetrate the bear and there was panic in the woods and they begins to run for their life
Cop1: something magical is in this woods
Cop2: I told you so now let us run outside of this bush before that motherfucker animal will kill us
Cop3: good idea what of the sherrif
Cop1: let us go and help him he fight the bear all by himself
Cop2: jesus Christ I must rescue him because next week is his wedding anniversary and I can’t render his wife a widow she is too young to be a widow
Cop3: I am scared I can’t go back
Cop2: you must we are a team now it is better to die together with your friends than to die alone
cop1: we don’t time
They went to where their camp were set where they saw the bear fighting with the sheriff and he was injured by the bear and they saw a hole and lure the bear into the hole and it fell inside the hole and it was trapped and the sheriff was rushed to the hospital where he was treated
Sheriff: thank you all for serving my life
Cop1: anytime sir we all wish you quick recovery and how about the other boys do you know where they ran to
Sheriff: I don’t know where they ran to but I am sure they are alive I need you to perform this task
Cop1:what is it sir
Sheriff: you need to radio the other men in the woods so that we can locate them and request for air support
Cop1: okay sir
They left for the station and did as the sheriff told them to do and they went. To the wood to search for their missing comrade
Tony was eager to accept his fate and his promise to his parent still remains in this mind he went out to a river where he bath himself and went back to room where he saw his breakfast already served and he begins to eat and he begins to wonder don’t this people eat beans or any heavy food I am already tired of his light food he finished eating and he went outside where he saw cara waiting for him with a cloth on her plams
Cara: good morning Tony take this and put it no for you are already late for the training
Tony was shocked
Tony; really I forgot to ask you what time does the training start
Cara: will put on the cloth I gave you
Tony: am really sorry I don’t need to delay you
He rush to his room and put the dress on and he came outside where Cara saw him
Cara: (she laughs) I can’t wait to see a black boy. Learn how to fight kang fu come on let us go. You have long journey ahead of you
Tony: why are you laughing is it because of the dress
Cara: no no no well after the training I will tell you
They begins their journey to school
They trekking for thirty minutes and Tony begin to sweat all over his body and. They begins to climb stairs Tony break the silence
Tony: I hate climbing stairs
Cara: well you have to strong for you a heavy task ahead of you we are almost at the school they entered an old temple
where he was introduce to his master Lee and he was asked to join the other in practising how used your hand to defend yourself from your opponent and he was knock down by a boy and he got angry and begin to fight back and knock the boy off and he begin to boil in angry and the master stopped the fight and he begin to speak to him
Master Lee: easy son you let your anger to overcome and you must how to control it this is a training I know that boy hit you hard but you need to patience when attacking so that you know your opponent weakness
Tony: I am so sorry I don’t mean to act this way
Master Lee: okay you go now medicated with the other cara will show you, you look so angry and it’s written all over your face
Tony: thank master Lee
He left and joined the other sitting in the temple like a monk
Master Lee: that black boy has a lot of strength in him I hope he will use it for good things and not for bad things
Master chan: he must learn how to control himself
Master Lee: he is just a kid and it’s is first day in the school
Master chan: you need to watch him personnel and if possible train him to become our finest fighters
Master Lee: okay I will see what I will do about it
They went to the temple


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