Episode 12
Later in the evening the grandma came up with a plan to fight bayo or to reserved a position for Tony
Grandma: I will show bayo that I will not give up easily like that
She went to her bedroom where she slept
Bayo still at the office he got text on of the location they will pick him up and he lock the door of his office and he went out to the location and he switch off his phone after three minutes of treking he sat down close to the place where a van came to pick him up
a ceremony was held to celebrate bayo as the C E O of the company and he was not happy d master came in with an old woman which was bayo grand mother and bayo became shocked and begin to fear her when he saw the d master and other member saluting her and he too joined them in doing the same thing when their eyes meet fear entered bayo but he was surprise that the woman was looking at him smiling like an angle
Grandma: when did you joined the brotherhood
Bayo: three days ago
Grandma: you are welcome I am know as head of this brotherhood and d master is the director and second in command
Bayo: okay ma
Grandma: why is your face like this you suppose to be happy we organised this freast to celebrate you as the C E O of the company and you have a lot to learn from now on you all will call me mother is that clear
All : yes mother
Grandma: so you know if Tony is dead or alive
She said pointing at bayo
He became shocked and but answered her
Bayo: yes I want to know
Grandma: okay let me summon the gods to look for Tony because I too I want to see him
After some minutes of summoning the gods and she said
They said that Tony is not dead but he is not in this world he is another realm of life
Bayo became confused and he want to know more
Bayo: mother which realm are you talking about
Grandma: another where no harm from our world can harm him only the forces in that realm that can harm him
Bayo: okay mother thank God he is alive
Grandma: okay why I came to this meeting is because of you that since you are now one of us it is a taboo to harm our fellow brothers so I want you bayo to find a position for Tony I don’t know when he will come back to me
Bayo; okay mother I will do it
Grandma: okay
After thirty minutes the meeting was dismissed by Tony grandma and bayo checks the time 9 o clock
Bayo: thank God I will go home early today
He went home to when he opened the door the light was off and he begin to wonder what was going on then light was off and he saw his family member and they shouted at him
Happy promotion to the C E O of the company
He became surprise
Bayo: oh I wasn’t expecting a home party before you guys really scared the shit out me and once again thank you all for coming
And they begin to celebrate with bayo and his family they called the dj to play the music for them and drinks begin to roll with pepper soap and bayo enjoyed himself to the fullest till 2 o clock in the morning and they all fell asleep at his sitting room and bayo went to the bedroom with his wife
Bayo: why did you threw a party without me knowing
Tope: your phone was switch off
Bayo: okay
They fell asleep


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