This is the only home I ever knew. I’ve been swimming in this murky river for as long as I can remember. This aqueous environment have been my home for 2 weeks, which coincides with my age.
I live in this river with my brothers who also happen to be the only living creatures here. This is the only home I ever knew. Don’t even ask me how I got here because I have no idea too. I just came to be. One moment I wasn’t and the next, I was. Since we dwell in an aqueous environment, my brothers and I were equipped with tails with which we swim. And also a bulbous apparatus on our forehead which provides us with energy.

Escape from this abode means death as i was told by my forebrothers who have witnessed the coming of the great flood. Although no one knows what happened to them, but anyone taken away by the great flood was never seen again. But my instincts tells me something else, I want to be taken away by the great flood. I want to explore other world apart from this dark liquid home of mine. I want to be an adventurer.
But no one can predict the coming of the great flood. It is as if the great flood as a mind of its own. Any time it comes, I’ll be ready.

Here comes the great flood. Although I cannot explain how I know, I just felt it deep in my core. I felt the vibration all around me, as if the whole of my world is vibrating. I can see the fear on the faces of my brothers. But all I feel is ecstasy. I can’t describe the feeling. I am the chosen one. I followed the great flood down a narrow cavern with millions of my brothers swimming along with me. I raced to the head of the queue. I took command, racing forward while the million others comes behind. Suddenly I felt a change in the environment, the cavern is no longer narrow but wide. The environment is no longer cool and comforting but warm and suspicious.
I raced ahead and I felt the presence of something up ahead. Then a scary thought passed through my mind. It was as if I’m not complete and I have to know what’s ahead.

I felt it calling me. Speaking in language strange to me but yet I understand. And I know my brothers are also feeling the same way. An instinct told me only one of us would survive. Better me than the others. I raced up ahead and met the object. The first that occurred to me is it’s size! The strange creature is hundred times my size and it doesn’t have a tail. I wonder how it moves around it’s world.

The thought froze in my mind when I noticed something is happening to me. My tail is getting away from my body. This strange creature is somehow killing me. As it’s environment is killing my brothers by the hundreds. I can hear their wail as these strange cavern suffocates them. Now I know the fate of my forebrothers. The fate of adventurers. Today is the day I die. On my third week birthday.

“welcome the chosen one” echoes in my head. When I heard it again, I realized its coming from the strange creature. “my foremothers have been waiting for generations for the chosen one and each of them dies of old age at 28 days only to be replaced by another daughter”. I’ve been waiting for 26 days for the chosen one that I thought I’ll die too. You are not going to die. Instead you and I are part of a greater cause.

My name is Ovum and I believe that you are Spermatozoa.


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