The Special One.

Like Jose Mourinho
You’re The Special One.
Unlike Mourinho,
You’ve never let me down.

Like Romelu Lukaku,
You’re heavy in my heart.
Unlike Lukaku.
Your shots always find their target,
My heart!

Like Juan Mata
You’re the “Juan”
The one that matters!
Unlike Mata,
You can never be benched.

Like David De Gea,
You’re the best keeper in the world.
Unlike De Gea,
You have the strongest defense.

Like Antonio Valencia,
You’re strong in the tackle
Whenever I attack you.
Unlike Valencia,
You know all the way to my heart,
Not just one.

Like Ashley Young,
You don’t just want to get old.
Unlike Young,
You get better with time,
Like the fine wine you are.

Like Lingard,
You look younger than you are.
Unlike Lingard,
You perform extremely better
Than it seems.

Like Paul Pogba,
You add variety, flair and style
To my life.
Unlike Pogba,
You do it consistently and without backlash.
Nor getting injured when it matters

Like Manchester United,
You’re one of the best women I’ve ever met.
Unlike United,
You’re the only one in my world.
The Special One that really matters.
The one and all.

Ridwan Akinkunmi Àjàgbé
Abu Marwan (Sophocles)


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