My soul must answer to it’s call
Depression weigh me down
With its load
Loneliness is always present
Sadness it’s twin sister came in
Darkness hover around my room
I stood up looking at the ceiling
With no light to see
Searching for light
Looking for something
To lift off off my situation
Waiting for help
Waiting for words
Waiting for my pen
Looking aimlessly at my diary
Waiting waiting waiting
I found none of this in the midst of darkness
I keep fighting
Fought tooth and nail
To leave this boredom
It refused to leave
Life is full of tricks and masks
One minute happy
One minute sad
One minute depress
One minute discomfort
Words refuse to come out
Ink refuse to write
All alone by himself
Dark memories
Keep flashing back
Suddenly I saw help
Standing by me
Words of encouragement
I finally saw light
With smiles on my face
Looking at the sun
At a new day
A day of joy and happiness


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