How can i pick up my shattered heart?.

Am helpless.

Its claws sharper than blade. It pierces through every cell in my body.
Its more poisonous than a snake. Its venom overshadows every atom of joy in my soul.
Its fierce than a tiger. Quick to attack and devour my happiness. 

Its teeth sucks through my souls depth drowning out its sweetness.

Oh! I need an antidote for my injury. You my love are my absolute cure. Kiss away my pains, and knead my sorrow.

Put on a glove of love, pick up my heart and weave for me a happy ending. 

Show me to the world and i will forever write your name in my smiles.


7 thoughts on “Helpless.

  1. Beloved child of God, do you not know the love of the Eternal Perfection? Its love is from everlasting and will always be with you, and is with you this very moment. Do not attempt to feel that this is true.

    Know that this is true.

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