Lustifer (18+)

It was under thebrightness of the moon it all happened.

Down the cool shades of the mango tree, all the youths were gathered to merry and jolly. I was just a shadow of myself until the beats came up. It roared loudly as we all danced to its rhythms like hungry children given rice to eat. I began to dance as a good dancer i was.

Then I saw your waist twisting and whining like a whirlwind. My heart stolen away in lust and my manhood was “waisto active”. I salivated to the movement of those heavy twins on your chest. I never knew that I was endergering my future, all I wanted was to get a taste of the honey from your pot. 

Celebration was over and all were returning home. I followed you and your friends from behind. As we journeyed i never stopped to stare at your Eifle hips shaped like the figure eight. Then Lucifer and Lust came, took after my thoughts and implanted in it an evil seed. Your inhumane friends left you alone on the lonely path to doom.

The deed happened under that big iroko tree along the lonely path to the river where birds sang and animals chorused. You were beneath my grip struggling to resist but I was overcharged by Lustifer. You pleaded for mercy but my ears were covered with lust and my manhood was salivating. I slotted my manhood into your tiny ‘virgined’ weapon. I destroyed your barracks mercilessly with my tank. All thanks to Lustifer.

You bleeded endlessly like a flowing river, your blood mixed with innocence. You cried out your eyes as you watched your blood in pains but Lustifer made me smile again and again. I recall you muttering some words with pains in your voice and sorrow in your eyes. You placed a curse on me but i saw no harm to it. I was under the influence of Lustifer. You took your shattered pieces enveloped in pains and sorrow, you cried all along but i cared not. You ended up hanging your beautiful body to the cold hands of death. 

It’s twenty years now, I still regret daily my evil deed. I have become a mockery to the World, no sperm and no child. I am nothing but a reflection of a cursed vessel. Your curse now rains on me daily

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