Is Falling In Love Normal?

There are different types of love, agape is the most powerful kind of love anyone can show but here in this article, I would like to talk much about romantic love.Romantic love has taken over the scene of life companionship. Now the question here is; is falling in love normal?.Yes of course. Love is part [...]


Promise Holds So Much More Than Just A Spoken Word

‘Can you promise me something? Can you promise me that you’ll never leave me?’ I’ve heard that one before. So many times. But every single time, I’ve never been able to make that promise. A promise holds so many things – trust, assurance, and quality of potential existence. But above all, a promise is knowing that no matter what [...]

It’s High Time Stopped Existing And Start Living

So what? You have a dream. You have an idea, a dream, a concept that fills you with excitement. Lights your heart on fire. Ignites a spark of passion in you. Are you chasing it? No? Why? Because you have a job already? But let me ask, do you have a career? Do you love [...]

The Closer I Get To You, The More I Forget To Leave Something For Myself

“I miss you.” I never thought that it would only take three words for you to pull me back to you, while it took me 3 years, dragging, to pull myself away from you. Wouldn’t you like to know? I wish you would just take one look and see right through me. He might be [...]

Always The One Who Never Left

Maybe it’s about your sweet smile or perhaps your mesmerizing eyes. Hell, it might even be the way you laugh at the most simplest of things. Your mind was no exception. Who knew someone could be as amazing as you? But maybe I’m wrong, because the times I only see those moments are those where [...]