There's snow in the city centreI remember you telling me thatAs you tapped away on your phoneYou taught​ me to love the winterAnd now I love it alone. So, here I am in the middle of peopleMy hands numb with coldAs I lean in for a stranger's embraceThe countdown begins, there's a new year aheadBut [...]



I am a flickering flame threatened with the chance of rain. The trembling hands left after worry came for a visit. I am the loss of breath after panic strikes. The heavy tears that travel their way past my exhausted eyes. I am the steps I should’ve never taken The unexpected news that attacks the [...]


Black bird Tell me your crime Black bird Why do you wanna cry Can't You See Me......Unless I Cry?And Even With Tears On My FaceAnd Dumb Goes My Lips..Can't You Still See Why?....... Can't It Be Enough?Cos' I've Tried All My BestCan't It Be Enough To End My Soul's Drought?....Black bird Should I Fly Away?....If [...]